Ground Floor Introduction

Ground Floor

This floor consisted of so many rooms it seemed to go on forever! There was a lounge, dining room, 2 office spaces, a bathroom, a bedroom with toilet, a kitchen, Laundry room, larder and outside toilet.  It wasn’t hard to see what needed to be done on this floor – the kitchen was small for such a big property and we wanted to have a breakfast room so our first plan of action was to decide how we could open up the kitchen.  After talking to the conservation dept we were given permission to knock out the outside toilet and larder which gave us a great area to work with.  So we now have a lounge, dining room, 2 offices, steam shower room, Laundry room, cloakroom and a great large kitchen / breakfast room. We have completed the Dining Room, Kitchen and Breakfast Room but still have the rest to do !