History of Carrick House

History of Carrick House


Change of use from Hotel to residential – March 2009

 It is understood that the property was build in the mid to early 18th Century

S Harding & L Harding owned 9,11&13 East Street, Fareham from 20th December 1906

S Harding (Stephen) deceased in 1913 and left the house to his wife L Harding (with loads of clauses in his will)

It is assumed that L Harding remarried and the estate was taken from here and given to Albert Stephen Harding (known also as S Harding) in April 1921

L Harding deceased in 17th April 1938

Kingston House, 13 East Street, Fareham – 20th April 1932 – sold by L Harding & S Harding (this is believed to be S Hardings nephew) to M E Johnson

Kingston House, 13 East Street, Fareham – 5th May 1933 – sold by ME Johnson to John Dymond

Kingston House, 13 East Street, Fareham – 2nd April 1951 – sold by John Dymond to NDM Eggar

11 East Street, Fareham – 16th July 1954 – sold by S Harding (as he was deceased it was his estate that sold it) to NDM Eggar

PROPERT WAS KNOWN AS KINGSTON HOUSE (now including number 11) – In 1954 the properties were made into one house which included Kingston House (13) and 11 East Street

August 1957 NDM Eggar (deceased) – property passed to HG Lloyd Owen

June 1960 HG Lloyd Owen (deceased) – property passed to MH Hurt

Feb 1965 – Sold by MH Hurt to Pamela Margaret Elizabeth Stacey (also known as Pamela Margaret Elizabeth Shannon-Stacey).

 It was then run as a Hotel / B&B till last year when she died and was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Robinson us by her estate.

 The property became Grade II listed in 1955 – Please find the listing attached

 Research was requested from Winchester Records but unfortunately they have nothing before the 1900’s.  It is believed that the area became a Conservation Area in the 70’s

 old picture of east streat

The above photo was taken in the 50’s