Other Sarah Beeny Experts

Other Sarah Beeny Experts

During the initial filming Sarah Beeny brought some experts around to give us advice. In general they confirmed what we already knew. The place needed a complete refurb!! Some of the experts carried on and did work for us which we have listed separately.



Air Leakage Testing
t: +44 (0) 1344 465600
w: www.bsria.co.uk


Hutton + Rostron Environmental Investigations Ltd

Timber decay and damp consultants
t: 01483 203221
f: 01483 202911
e: ei@handr.co.uk
w: www.handr.co.uk



Plumbing and leak detection

t: 0800 3288125
e: sales@leakbusters.net
w: www.leakbusters.net



NICEIC is the electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary body for electrical installation matters throughout the UK www.niceic.org.uk to find a registered electrician in your area visit  www.findanelectrician.info

t: 0870 013 0382
w: www.niceic.org.uk



SPAB - The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
Membership body of ancient buildings craftsmen
t: 020 7377 1644
e: info@spab.org.uk
w: www.spab.org.uk