Site and its Location

Site and its Location


 Carrick House is on the end of a terrace. The style of the property is similar to the dwelling next door. The windows are similar in style and age, and both buildings have utilised the loft space for accommodation. There are four levels to this building being the basement, ground floor, first floor and loft roof space. The 3 properties in the terrace were once owned by one family – In 1951 they sold Kingston House (no 13) and then 3 years later also sold number 11 to the same owner.  The new owner then joined number 11 and Kingston House (no.13) together to make 1 large property.  The original doorway to Kingston  House can be seen from the outside of the property and entry to the building was through the front room.  The existing living room was once the kitchen to the dwelling and the now existing kitchen was the coach house.   We believe that number 11 East Street was added after the original number 9 and 13 was built but the architecture still suggests that this would of been done in the early 19th century.


At different times there were parts of the existing Carrick House that was once part of the neighbouring property (flying freehold); there were rooms to the rear and the first floor, creating a peculiar boundary on the site, as it changed ownership over the years.


East Street is walking distance to the town centre of Fareham, and is a main road into the town off the motorway. The area is not very dense but provides an open feeling as the street is quite wide.

Carrick House Today 

Carrick house as it stands today